Opinion: Government and enterprises are important participants in the blockchain industry, and blockchain industry needs complex talents

Gao Hong, deputy general manager of the National Research Institute of Innovation, said in an interview that he believes that the government and enterprises are important participants in the blockchain industry. From the government's point of view, it is necessary to open up application scenarios, actively apply new technologies, and carry out continuous prudential supervision of innovations. At the same time, we must change the management model from one-off audit to continuous audit supervision, from result management to whole process. management. Regarding the demand for talents in the blockchain industry, it is necessary to have cross-industry knowledge and solutions, to integrate the information flow of different participating entities in different industries, and to distribute benefits according to relevant rights and interests, thereby promoting the social division of labor. Optimization, in other words, the block chain head talents are compound talents, which should have a technical foundation and also need to understand social management knowledge such as performance management and incentive mechanism.