He Yi: After the fire coin completely withdraws from JEX, the coin security is acquired.

Coin founder He Yi said in an interview recently that the acquisition of JEX by Qian’an was based on the understanding of the team. I think their product and technical background are still basic. They are also the founders of the early contract products of the currency circle. Now also the maker of options products in the industry, options are one of our goals. So the reason why JEX is collected is very important because we hope to have more innovative attempts in financial derivatives. As for how to think about fire coins, we don’t know. At that time, we felt that if the fire coins were completely withdrawn, We will only make this acquisition. If the fire currency does not quit, then we do not want to make this thing very troublesome. It is reported that in early September, the company announced the acquisition of the JEX platform. The acquisition process was very tortuous. At that time, the fire currency was also one of the shareholders of JEX. As a competitor, the fire coin finally withdrew, and the coin security fund acquired the JEX platform.