BM: The 20% EOS set in the REX contract can be overly conservative with the lower lease limit. Consider removing this limit.

BM updates the tweet dynamics today, the main points are as follows: 1. I question the idea that the blockchain is an inefficient database. In my opinion, eosio is an efficient, high-performance database compared to Postgres or MySQL. Eosio 3 will further prove this! 2. Community users ask if they know the current status of the main network, and REX is empty. BM indicates that there is no problem with the main network. TPS still wins over other public links. REX is empty due to the current REX parameter limitation. (Note: A 20% EOS available lease limit is set in the current REX contract. If the EOS available lease amount accounts for 20% of the EOS leased amount, REX can no longer lend. Users can go to the TP wallet to view the REX overview information.) 3. BM believes that his initial 20% security defenses are a bit too conservative, and consider removing this restriction. (Note: For this 20% parameter limit, community users have submitted a request to reduce it to 0% on Github, and BP has also discussed related issues.) 4. BM believes that it is unnecessary to complain about the current CPU shortage of the main network. This is the same as complaining that Uber will not be able to hit the car/fare premium during peak hours. Don't complain that the market balances supply and demand by raising prices, and pays attention to actual aggregate supply.