Popular Science | Raising Ethereum's Block Gas Limit will accelerate state data growth?

I found a bug in the code that generated the chart before, and I have regenerated and published the chart. Now you can see that after raising the block gas limit, the state growth has slowed down, and then it has rebounded, but it has not returned to the previous level.

Just a month ago, the block limit of the Ethereum main network has increased from 8 million to 10 million. At that time, someone asked me if I needed to worry about this situation. My answer is that, based on this growth, we may get some useful data about the behavior of Ethereum users. In my opinion, one of the main questions is: “After the block gas limit increased by 25%, did it drive the state growth?” After waiting for a month, we can start to verify the problem. I have drawn several charts using data from October 20, 2019. The first chart shows the moving average of the number of new accounts in each block (blue line), superimposed on the moving average of the block gas limit (red line):

I don't think it's possible to make a conclusion. Next is a graph that superimposes the moving average (green line) of the new storage items in each block with the moving average (red line) of the block gas limit.

There are still no major discoveries this month.

We need more time and data. So far, it has not been seen that increasing the block gas limit promotes state growth.


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