Encrypted cat team's new work "Cheese Wizard" in-depth experience: the data is bleak, unable to continue the brilliant player duel

Introduction: CryptoKitties has brought endless inspiration and imagination to the blockchain. Its development team, Dapper Labs, became famous for its war and received huge financing. But Dapper Labs' second work, Cheese Wizard, is only 1.3% of CryptoKitties, and the cheese wizard has not been able to become a masterpiece like CryptoKitties. This article explores the user performance of the cheese wizard by mining the depth data of the game for 10 days. We also specifically tracked the chain footprints of several large households, and friends who want to watch the "high play" must not miss it. Overall, the cheese wizard's gameplay design is experimental, and its product experience and positioning are worthy of reference and reflection by developers.

About Dapper Labs – the "king" of the application layer

CryptoKitties is two years old.

Since its launch in November 2017, CryptoKitties has been imitated and never surpassed. It is still a milestone in the history of blockchain applications. In the past two years, a total of more than 90,000 ETH addresses participated in the game. There were more than 620,000 cat transactions recorded in the chain. The total transaction amount was 58,700 ETH. If it is calculated according to today's ETH price, it is about 10.68 million US dollars. If it is based on the real-time price of each cat's transaction, the total transaction amount is up to 27.65 million US dollars.

One day in the chain, one year in the world, as an antique-grade application, the name of CryptoKitties is still being mentioned by people outside the circle, and its influence and IP transmission can be seen. After the development team Dapper Labs (split from Axion Zen in March 2018) became famous, the three rounds of financing totaled 38.9 million US dollars , capturing the wallet of various VC big scorpions, such as a16z, USV, etc., this should be the entire district The blockchain investment sector is the most bet on the non-ICO project at the application level.

In the latest financing, Dapper Labs also revealed the public-chain project Flow that it is developing, which has attracted public opinion. Even if the large IP such as CryptoKitties is used, it still cannot cover large-scale users' products at the application layer. The public chain infrastructure continues to tell stories . This, through the performance of Dapper Labs' second game class Dapp, Cheeze Wizards, we have long been faintly aware.

The location of the cheese wizard

On May 17 this year, the Cheeze Wizards made its debut. Dapper Labs uses a Medium blog post to give the player a look and expectation.

Cheeze Wizards is not a blockchain-based Fortnite killer

Cheeze Wizards might qualify as a battle royale game, but it is a game built on emerging technology. Fornite is built on an engine with 20+ years of experience and iterative improvement behind it. The resulting products will not be analogous.

The Cheese Wizard is not the Fortress Night on the blockchain, it won't be a blockchain-based killer game.

Cheese Wizard is a big escape game, the game itself is based on an emerging technology. Fortress Night is built on a 20-year-old game engine with a lot of iterations and upgrades behind it. So these two products are not comparable.

For the expectations of the game itself, Dapper Labs has the following description:

Cheeze Wizards is as much an experiment as it is a game. CryptoKitties proved blockchain games and NFTs are possible; Cheeze Wizards explores a whole new corner of the map.

The cheese wizard is both a game and an experiment. Encrypted cats verify that blockchain games and NFT are viable, while cheese wizards will explore more unknown areas.

Cheeze Wizards are designed for extensibility.

Cheese wizards are extensible in design

Cheeze Wizards is a social experience

Cheese Wizard is a social experience

Extensibility refers to the asset reuse of NFT. Encrypted cats have used the KittyVerse project to attract a lot of developers to reuse cats to develop several small games, such as KittyHat, KittyRace and so on. Similarly, the wizard NFT in CheezeWizards has been given extreme extensibility at the contract design level. In September of this year, Dapper Labs hosted an online hackathon, the theme is to encourage the community and developers to carry out secondary development based on the wizard's assets in the cheese wizard, and finally produced more than a dozen works.

The social experience refers to the design logic of the game itself. This introduces the concept of Party. Players can form a Party, and finally get the party of the big prize player to share the 75ETH Party reward. The winning logic of the game itself also encourages players to organize and govern in the Party.

The rules of the game are simple:
  • Fighting with other wizards with their own wizards, the winner increases Power, the loser reduces Power, and eventually the highest power wizard wins the grand prize.
  • The wizard's duel is five times "stone scissors cloth"
  • One of Power's highest wizards will receive the BigCheeze Award (current value 671 ETH)
There are also elements of restraint, as well as logic such as Blue Mold (similar to eating chicken in the circle), please refer to the series of articles before DappReview for specific rules:
  1. "The next explosion? Encrypt the cat team new work and secrets you don't know"
  2. "Decisive battle of cheese, sword refers to Big Cheeze"

The game duel stage officially started on October 21, and 10 days passed. Let's take a look at the data performance.

Unsatisfactory operational data

The second stage of the cheese wizard, THE GREET AND BEAT, will last until November 12th for a period of 22 days. DappReview's friends formed a party and participated in Duel (duress) many times in the past 10 days, deeply experiencing this experimental blockchain game application. We exported the duel data as of 11:00 am on November 2, Beijing time. The following analysis is based on the data during this period.

First look at a few basic data:

  • Total players: 1239 addresses
  • Total number of wizards: 5823 wizards
  • Number of players who have participated in the duel: 520 addresses
  • Number of wizards who participated in the decision: 1995 Wizard
  • Total duel times: 4321 times

The above data, if the debut from a new team, is already remarkable in the blockchain game circle, but for Dapper Labs, it is not satisfactory. The player's participation in the duel is only 42% , which means that more than half of the players have purchased the wizard in the first stage, but they have not actually participated in the game in the second half of the second stage. During the pre-sale phase of the wizard, Dapper Labs also repeatedly linked marketing campaigns with CryptoKitties, attempting to introduce new games to the game, having more than 90,000 users and the largest IP encryption cat in the circle, and did not really assist the cheese wizard .

I have previously communicated with some investors in the circle and found that many people have the illusion that with a burst of money and IP, the next product can be diverted. This view is true for applications with strong stickiness and high migration costs, such as social tools and communication tools. But there is no diversion in the game, unless you are doing a series of sequels to the fans. In the traditional game field, there are a lot of game companies that have built a product with a flow of over 100 million, and then insulated from the explosion (here dozens of game companies are shot).

From the design of the game logic, the cheese wizard is actually a social game . In theory, if you can gather enough users to form a Party, you can let everyone form a consensus, deliberately lose to a designated wizard, raise the wizard's Power to the highest and win the BigCheeze Award, and finally everyone will follow the contribution. Divide money. But in fact, such an organization needs to be formed in the form of DAO. Secondly, your opponent may be a local tycoon who can not pile up Power.

Let's take a look at the current distribution of Power:

Currently Power's first 0xF012 is the official address, there are a large number of rare wizards, and will not participate in the competition for the grand prize, negligible. The number one 0xA096 sits on 392 wizards, and the total power is up to 92780. Below we call it A brother.

Another interesting analysis in the above table is to compare the second column "Start Power" and "Current Power". "Initial Power" refers to the sum of the initial Powers of all the wizards owned by the player. After a duel with other players, Power has increased or decreased. A brother's initial Power is 72,000. After 10 days of fighting, he grabbed about 20,000 Power from his opponent.

The most technically powerful player may be in the fourth place, 0x16aD. The 16th brother's initial power is only 1245. After ten days, Power has increased 20 times to reach 27067 . In this game, Power and ETH have corresponding value. In the pre-sale phase, each wizard's ETH pricing is equal to Power/1000. That is, a Power 1000 wizard value 1 ETH. 16 brothers with 1.245 ETH value witches all the way to the value of 27 ETH, is currently the highest return account.

Using the scatter plot, you can more directly see that A brother has married other people's N streets. Let's first look at who is A brother? In the Cheeze Wizards, his ID is alexocity.eth, and the total Power of Party created by A is currently ranked first, almost double the second.

DappReview consulted A's trading history in the database and found that he is also a veteran Dapp player. The Dapp he is mainly involved in encrypting cats and CryptoPunks, and occasionally buying and selling NFT games in Opensea. Speaking of his favorite, it must be encrypted cats, with 13,000 transactions under the address, and more than 10,000 are related to encrypted cats.

A brother started playing crypto cats on December 5, 2017. There is no deadline for this love. Today, he still insists on buying cats and kittens every month. His account contains 10091 encrypted cats . You are not mistaken, 10091 only! In addition, 71 rare cats, A brother already has 70 of them, only one kind of Robin cat is not collected. We checked the cat market and found that the Robin cat is not expensive, the cheapest is only 0.07ETH. Maybe A brother has a special collection, and the "Fang Cat" that meets its standard has not yet appeared. After all, how many ETHs should not be sold by players of this level.

And 16 brother is different from A brother, he is not a typical game Dapp player, except for playing cheese wizards, rarely involved in other games Dapp. However, 16 brother is a user of DeFi products . According to DappReview data, 16 brothers have used DeFi tools such as Kyber, Dharma, Compound, Uniswap, Augur, etc. Search in LoanScan.io, you can see 16 brothers in Dharma and Compound. The loan record on the.

After telling the story of A brother and 16 brother, we went back to the cheese wizard and looked at the data of the duel. In each duel, each side must set up five moves in advance, and one of three types of water and fire can be selected. The three elements are restrained from each other, similar to stone scissors cloth.

Five moves, three elements, total 3*3*3*3*3 = 243 sorting combinations, we sort by number of occurrences. In the table below, the top 20 portfolios are shown, and the results are both unexpected and reasonable. The top three are repeated five times for a single element. In a total of 4,321 contests, the two sides made a total of 8,642 calls, of which 15.8% of the moves were single elements. (I am really lazy)

After reading the statistics of the "sudden tasteless", to study the data of a single wizard, in the following table, we sorted according to the wizard's "current Power" value, pulling out the top ten wizards, the first has 21004 Power, compared to the initial Power The value has increased by 19 times. The most amazing thing is that two of the top ten non-attribute wizards are on the list, and the initial power of the non-attribute wizards is all 70, which is worth 0.07 ETH. The Wizard IDs 6340 and 4551, respectively, led the current record with 165 times and 97 times Power increase. The two wizards are really gods and gods, and the Buddha blocks the Buddha.

In this table, we can see our old acquaintances – A brother and 16 brothers, A brother's 5973 and 4177 wizards ranked second and sixth, 16 brothers 2902 and 6340 wizards ranked The third and fifth place, of which 165 times the 6340 sorcerer came from the technology flow 16 brother.

In all the duels as of 11:00 am on November 2, the biggest one was the 5974 sorcerer against the 3313 sorcerer, before the duel:

5974 Wizard Power: 3416

No. 3313 Wizard Power: 32067

This is a duel worth 35.4ETH, and the 5974 sorcerer of the A brother won the battle:

5974 Wizard +15670 Power becomes 19086 Power

3313 Wizard -15670 Power becomes 16397 Power

A duel transferred a number of Powers worth 15.67 ETH.

On the day before the publication, on the afternoon of November 4th, we tracked the most recent data again. It was discovered that A brother had purchased more wizards through OpenSea and continued to expand his lead. He bought 449 wizards from the previous 392 wizards, and the total power was 110,299, which accounted for 8.3% of all wizards' total power .

Among them, A brother took over the 1906 and 6340 wizards of 16 brothers, the 2902 wizard sold 10 ETH, and the 6340 wizard sold 7.631 ETH. Under this suffocating operation, it is clear that the 16 brothers have no hope of winning the prize. They first settled in the bag and accounted for 17.6 ETHs and exited the competition of BigCheeze. We estimate the income of 16 brothers in the cheese wizard, about 14 times.

On the one hand, A brother received assets, on the other hand, he started to be positive with other competitors, and refreshed the record of the total value of the duel. In a matchup on November 4, A brother lost, and the power of 18.47 ETH was transferred to TheRealDickWang's 4819 Wizard, who is currently the single- powered wizard with the highest Power value, up to 39475 Power .

尴尬 Product experience

Back to the cheese wizard product itself, from the initial pre-sale to the second stage of the duel, DR friends are rushing to experience the first time. The duel process is lengthy and complicated. The overall process is as follows:

1. First, find an opponent first.

2. Enter the link between the two sides to select the spell, submit the spell after the selection, wait for the opponent to submit the spell

3. After revealing your moves, wait for the opponent to reveal the move and wait for the game to handle the duel result.

4. View game results

Although there are only four steps in a game, the first three steps need to wait for each other. The opponent will withdraw from the duel at a certain point, making the duel very unsmooth. This is the pitfall of most of CheezeWizards' players, and the most embarrassing place in game design. After all , no one wants to spend five hours playing only five stone scissors .

Over time, large households like A brother have accumulated more and more advantages. For ordinary users, it is almost impossible to kill a big whale like A brother unless an organized and premeditated party is formed. The last winner in the game is Power's highest wizard. Some people will ask, A brother is 392 wizards totaling more than 90,000 Power, but the first-ranked wizard is not A brother. Is his advantage really so big?

Yes, in the game, you can have your own wizard A to fight with your own wizard B, so that you can easily "cheating", let one of your wizards defeat other wizards, and transfer all Power to a wizard, for the 671ETH award. A brother can easily create a wizard with 110,000+Power, just take a little time .

As a result, the average user who enters the market has almost no chance of winning, unless the local tyrant directly purchases hundreds of wizards and relies on sheet metal to pile up Power. After the third stage of November 12th, players can no longer summon new wizards, only buy other players' wizards from OpenSea, which means that the third stage is a game of stock game, new players are almost impossible. Enter the scene .

From the current data, only 520 players have been duel, and the total power of 145 players has been less than 50, which is equivalent to almost 28% of players almost eliminated. Among the 1995 wizards who participated in the duel, 583 Power returned to zero, and 234 Wizard Power was between 1-10. More than 40% of active wizards were basically eliminated , and 14% were placed in the pool of all wizards. After entering the next stage, it is likely that the number of players who have the capital to stay active and compete for the grand prize is likely to be only a few dozen or even less than 20 .

The experience of most ordinary users may be similar to that of DR partners:

The first stage: Wow, the encryption cat team has made a new one, first shuttle ETH and then ETH.

The second stage: playing a few sets of duel, this game is a slow, it is better to play a self-going game.

Looked at the big household data: This game can't play, it is a game between local tyrants.

So just gave up.

For the third stage, the mentality of the DR partner is an epic battle between the big players. After November 12th, the promotion of the game is increased, and the output of the wizard is limited. The Blue Mold is coming to the beginning, the low power wizard Automatic elimination, I believe that the remaining players in the last few days are holding tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of wizards, the value of a duel is up to the value of hundreds of ETH.

Written at the end

From the very beginning, Dapper Labs never expected the cheese wizard to be a killer game, but wanted to make a fuss about the malleability and social experience. But they don't seem to think clearly. These two points require enough users to generate consensus to generate value. For an NFT, if the NFT itself has no user base and consensus, it is no different from an air coin. This view is a commonplace in DappReview's series of articles. The game assets themselves have users and strong usage scenarios to lay a solid foundation. NFT can enhance the liquidity, transparency and uniqueness of assets, just like it is on it. Covered high-rise buildings. If the foundation is not well laid, and the value of the NFT is talked about, it will only cover the castle in the air.