The Central Bank Digital Currency Research Institute signed a contract with Huawei, and the legal digital currency went further?

Text: Inter-Chain Pulse · Yuan Shang Source: Inter-Chain Pulse

According to Huawei's disclosure, on the afternoon of November 4, Fan Yifei, member of the Party Committee and deputy governor of the People's Bank of China, went to Huawei's Shenzhen headquarters to investigate. The People's Bank of China's liquidation center signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Huawei. The Bank Digital Money Research Institute and Huawei Company signed a memorandum of cooperation on financial technology research.

Huawei's news release highlights the core business innovations of the company's ecological and distributed databases and the network equipment based on self-developed chips, as well as the innovations of China's financial sector's frontier research topics in the financial sector based on the above technologies.

These technologies form the basis of cooperation between Huawei and the central bank. Huawei's news release also emphasized that Fan Yifei affirmed the progress made by Huawei's chips and databases.

It is worth noting that Mu Changchun, deputy director of the Central Bank's Digital Money Research Institute and deputy director Di Gang, all participated in the signing of a memorandum of cooperation with Huawei. The Central Bank Digital Money Research Institute is carrying out research and development on legal digital currency. Mu Changchun and Di Gang have also repeatedly expressed their intention to promote the central bank's legal digital currency DC/EP.

Inevitably, Lenovo will be born: Will the central bank's legal digital currency DC/EP use Huawei's database technology?

(Left one: Di Gang left two: Mu Changchun)

According to public information, since 2008, Huawei has started database technology prototype research and created the world's first AI-Native distributed database supporting both x86 and Kunpeng hardware architecture, including GaussDB OLTP database and GaussDB OLAP database.

GaussDB OLTP database is a fully transparent distributed database, supporting x86 and Kunpeng hardware architecture, based on innovative database kernel, providing high-concurrency transaction real-time processing capability, two-site three-level financial-grade high-availability and distributed high-scalability, Oracle Common syntax compatibility 98%, support offline / online migration.

GaussDB OLAP is a distributed database with analysis and mixed load capability. It supports x86 and Kunpeng hardware architecture, supports row storage and column storage, and provides PB (Petabyte) level data analysis capability, multi-mode analysis capability and real-time processing capability. For data warehousing, data marts, real-time analytics, real-time decision making, and hybrid workload (HTAP) scenarios.

According to the above description, Huawei's distributed database system can support the operation of the central bank's digital currency. Includes high concurrent data processing, distributed data calculation, and comprehensive analysis capabilities.

However, the inter-chain pulse told many people in Huawei whether the cooperation was related to the issuance of the statutory digital currency of the central bank, and their responses were uninformed.

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