National Internet Financial Security Technology Expert Committee: Consider using blockchain to develop personal data sharing platform

According to the Beijing Business Daily, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology recently announced the launch of a special rectification of App infringement of user rights. According to industry insiders, there are many indications that the mutual gold app has become the hardest hit area for personal information disclosure, but under the pressure of supervision and regulation. The era of barbaric development of the mutual gold app may end. The National Internet Financial Security Technology Expert Committee pointed out in an interview that financial applications should pay attention to the principle of minimization and necessity of data acquisition in collecting personal data. The special committee is currently considering the use of blockchain technology to develop personal data security sharing. The platform, through the user's own control of the authorized use of personal data, the enterprise uses personal data under the authorization of the user and under the supervision of the department, reducing the cost and risk of repeated collection, over-collection, and personal storage of personal data by the mutual-gold app, protecting the user as an individual. The legitimate rights and interests of data subjects promote the compliance flow of personal data.