Ernst & Young Global Blockchain Supervisor: At least half of companies will use blockchain technology from 2019 to 2030

Babbitt reported on the 6th, "England Asia Pacific Blockchain Summit" was held in Shanghai on November 6. Paul Brody, Ernst & Young's global blockchain director, said at the meeting that the application of blockchain technology can reduce transaction time and cost, and improve the privacy of corporate transactions through de-intermediation. Ernst & Young has applied blockchain technology in areas such as healthcare, wine, public finance management, and consulting. Ernst & Young has developed a solution based on privacy protection technologies such as zero-knowledge proof to protect the privacy and security of transactions between investors and business users. He also pointed out that Ernst & Young found that 75% of corporate customers are willing to use the blockchain to improve their existing business in the future. He believes that as a participant, the blockchain technology is exciting, but the cryptocurrency does not excite yourself. The use of tokens for trading and the use of smart contracts can reduce the cost of international trade. He predicts that at least half of the companies will use blockchain technology between 2019 and 2030.