Blockchain empowers justice, illustrating the first case of financial disputes in Zhejiang Province that successfully used blockchain mediation

Source: Jiaxing Intermediate People's Court

The original title "Jiaxing Haining Court uses blockchain technology to mediate the first financial disputes in the province"

On November 5, Haining Court mediation of a financial loan contract dispute case. The two parties agreed that the defendant Lu Moumou and Shen Moumou would return the bank loan principal and interest of more than 60,000 yuan at the end of November 2019. This is the first financial loan case in Haining Court to mediate successfully using the blockchain electronic evidence platform in the province .

In this case, when the bank signed a loan contract with Lu Moumou and Shen Moumou, the electronic contract text was uploaded to the Jiaxing Court blockchain electronic deposit certificate platform for deposit. After the lawsuit occurred, Haining Court verified the evidence submitted by the parties on the blockchain depository platform, relying on the characteristics of blockchain technology to be transparent, verifiable, traceable and non-tamperable, to achieve simple and fast certification, in order to identify the case. Facts provide convenience.

Since the beginning of this year, the Jiaxing Court has fully utilized the innovative advantages of the world's permanent Internet sites, and actively promoted the deep integration of modern technology and judicial work such as blockchain and big data. It has taken the lead in realizing the whole process without human intervention and intelligent delivery of legal documents. Judicial Big Data Service Modernizes social governance in the city, explores the important value of mining blockchain technology in preventing legal risks, promoting the governance of litigation, and strengthening trial management, improving the quality of trials and serving high-quality development.

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How Blockchain Technology Empowers Judicature


Electronic evidence

The electronic evidence deposit is to distribute the summary information of electronic evidence through the blockchain distributed storage, which is open, transparent, traceable and non-tamperable. For example, the electronic contract signed by the parties can be uploaded to the platform for deposit and verification, and the blockchain technology is used for storage preservation to ensure the security and originality of the electronic evidence.


Electronic evidence forensics

The blockchain electronic evidence platform supports web page capture forensics, web page preview forensics, video forensics, mobile APP forensics and many other types of forensics.


Evidence verification

It includes the verification of electronic evidence such as documentary evidence, physical evidence, witness testimony, appraisal opinions, transcripts, and audition materials. It can realize the verification function of electronic evidence CA, the electronic copyright DCI verification, the credible time certificate provided by the National Time Service Center, and the identification of judicial identification certificates.


Blockchain publicity

The blockchain publicity module in the system can search and query the latest block deposit records, clearly understand the current situation and improve litigation efficiency.


Mediation platform docking

The blockchain electronic evidence platform and the mediation platform are perfectly integrated, and the source of the case is resolved from the source, and the recommendation function of the judicial big data case is matched to alleviate the contradiction between the court case and many people.