OKEx contract big data: BTC contract long and short positions than 1.36, the market is relatively large

As of 10:30 on November 6, according to the OKEx contract big data, the current BTC contract long and short positions ratio is 1.36, the quarterly contract basis is 179.41 US dollars, the perpetual contract basis is 3.5 US dollars; the BTC contract positions total 7,616,066. 24h trading volume was 19,317,932; active buying volume was 240,641, and active sales volume was 263,657; elite account was 47% more than long account, long position was 19.6%, short account was 52%, and short position was 18.37%. According to analysts, the ratio of long-term positions in BTC contracts is 1.36. The number of retail investors has declined but they are still relatively dominant. The total amount of positions is relatively stable. The quarterly contract basis has declined but is still above 150 US dollars. The volume fell back, the market remained relatively stable and still gaining momentum. In terms of BTC contract elite positions, short positions were slightly better than short positions, short-selling accounts were down, and elite long-short positions were relatively balanced.