Analysis: Futures market long-term spillover 9.24%, shock indicator is recommended to buy recommended

BFX.NU researcher said that the long-term spillover of the futures market was about 9.24%, which was slightly higher than last night. From the momentum 10 and MACD daily oscillators, Bitcoin has entered the recommended range of buying, which is short. The possibility of pulling up. In the mainstream currency futures sector, 12 types of contracts such as ATOM, IOST, BTM, and ADA have obvious short-term Masukura, while 11 types of contracts such as BSV, ETC, and QTUM are showing lightening trend; while platform currency futures, HT and OKB contracts are short-lived. The status of Masukura, while the BNB contract shows a short-term lightening status. Among them, the OKB contract has a short-term increase of 51,200 open positions, and the overall long position is the main position of the position.