Shenzhen People's Congress report recommends that digital currency pilots should be promoted to study the feasibility of issuance

According to the Southern Metropolis Daily, the Shenzhen Municipal People's Congress today announced the construction of a special investigation report on the construction of a cooperative demonstration system for the development of the Guangdong-Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Grand Bay Area. The report mentioned that the global digital currency is developing rapidly and all local governments are facing new challenges. Since the emergence of "Bitcoin", the blockchain technology behind it has entered the global financial and theoretical circles. Since then, there have been more than one hundred "bitcoins", including Libra released by Facebook. Compared with the continuous derivation of digital currency, the legal regulation of digital currency faces many challenges. At present, the Hong Kong Financial Technology Promotion Office has explored digital currency, and many banks are actively exploring a series of related issues arising from the issuance of digital currency by the central bank. In order to better adapt to possible future changes, the report believes that it is necessary for Shenzhen to conduct in-depth research on digital currency and promote the pilot work of digital currency. It is recommended to study and formulate the Regulations on the Promotion of Digital Currency of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone or the normative documents of Qianhai Free Trade Zone, from the definition of digital currency, the development goal of digital currency, the regulatory body of digital currency, the distribution system and technical route of digital currency, The feasibility and main content of digital currency issuance is studied in the operation system of digital currency, digital currency exchange mechanism, the preservation and use of digital currency, the coordinated operation of digital currency and currency, and legal liability.