The Chairman of the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission revealed details of the new regulatory guidelines for the digital asset trading platform, which will issue licenses to the Digital Asset Exchange.

According to the chain report, Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) Chairman Ashley Ian Alder said in a speech at Hong Kong Financial Technology Week today that the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission will issue a new digital asset trading platform regulatory guidance later today. Revealed the details of a new guide. Odari said that the new regulatory framework will regulate the listing of tokens. However, he stressed that these regulations apply to securities-based tokens, and any digital asset trading platform is subject to the regulation as long as there is a securities-based token-token transaction. He said that the Hong Kong Securities Regulatory Commission will issue licenses to digital asset exchanges; the new regulations will cover the regulation of anti-money laundering, market manipulation, fair trade and other issues, and will require digital asset trading platforms to provide insurance provisions for potential risks. Odda also said that the new regulations are not applicable to non-securities transactions.