Compared with the original chain, you will meet Wuzhen, 10,000 BTM, and many surprises waiting for you to come.

On November 8th, 13:30-17:30, the original chain will be held in the rain reading hall of Wuzhen Internet International Convention and Exhibition Center than the original chain special event Keep MOVing. In addition to reviewing the past work results and discussing the future development plan, the event also invited the application ecological partners and digital economic experts in the industry to jointly look forward to the future of the original MOV ecosystem and the application of the blockchain. At the same time, the organizers also prepared a large number of BTM red envelopes and lottery benefits for the small partners present. The total amount of red envelopes reached 10,000 BTM, and everyone in the audience had a share.
In addition, new users participating in the 2019 World Blockchain Conference (Wuzhen) will receive 10 BTM rewards when downloading the Bycoin wallet from the original chain booth. There is also a BCT on the scene than the original chain exclusive commemorative coin, surprises, and many benefits, waiting for you to come!