People's Daily Overseas Network Blockchain Channel Becomes Wuzhen Conference Strategic Cooperation Media

Babbitt on November 6th, from the 2019 World Blockchain Conference (Wuzhen) Organizing Committee was informed that the People's Daily Overseas Network Blockchain Channel became the strategic cooperation media of the conference.
The overseas network is the official website of the People's Daily Overseas Edition and the new media platform. The overseas network provides readers with an authoritative interpretation of China's hotspots, international politics, especially the international news events in China, and is committed to developing into a new media with important influence in China.
The overseas network blockchain channel aims to provide high-value, high-quality blockchain professional content to the global readers with the purpose of “spreading the authoritative blockchain technology information and helping the rise of China's blockchain industry”, showing the blockchain field to the world. Chinese power. The person in charge of the channel said that the Wuzhen Conference will be launched. I hope that with this conference, blockchain practitioners can bring mature technology theories, business models and practical experience to the whole country and the wider overseas market, and acquire new technologies. And industrial advantages.