The registration of the 3rd China Blockchain Development Competition officially opened

The China Blockchain Technology and Industry Development Forum today issued the "Notice on Holding the Third China Blockchain Development Competition", the notice is as follows:

Member units of the forum and relevant units:

In October 2016, the China Blockchain Technology and Industry Development Forum (hereinafter referred to as the Forum) was established in 2017 under the guidance of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Information and Software Services Division and the National Standardization Administration Committee Industry Standards Division II. In May of the year, the first China Blockchain Development Competition was successfully held. In June 2018, the second China Blockchain Development Competition also ended successfully. In order to further cultivate blockchain application solutions and promote the development of China's blockchain technology and industrial ecological environment, the Forum and related units held the third China Blockchain Development Competition with the theme of “Standard Leading, Application Innovation”. as follows:

First, the organization

1. Organizer

China Electronics Technology Standardization Institute

People's Government of Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province

2. Undertaker

Qianjiang Century City Management Committee

China Blockchain Technology and Industry Development Forum

Hangzhou Daily Newspaper Group (Hua Media Holdings)

Blockchain Technology Application Industry Alliance (Phoenix)

3. Co-organizer

Shanghai Wanxiang Block Chain Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Qianhai Weizhong Bank Co., Ltd.

China Ping An Insurance (Group) Co., Ltd.

Beijing Ant Cloud Financial Information Service Co., Ltd.

Zhongan Information Technology Service Co., Ltd.

Xiamen Anne Co., Ltd.

Easy to see supply chain management company

Shanghai Jinqiu Information Technology Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Fosun High Technology (Group) Co., Ltd.

Beijing Jingdong Shangke Information Technology Co., Ltd.

PricewaterhouseCoopers Zhongtian Certified Public Accountants (Special General Partnership)

Yonghui Supermarket Co., Ltd.

Fujian Straits Block Chain Research Institute

Jiangsu Tongfu Shield Technology Co., Ltd.

Baidu Online Network Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Tencent Computer System Co., Ltd.

Chain Smart Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Huada Gene Technology Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Blockchain Technology Application Association

Firebird Finance

Second, the participants

China is engaged in blockchain R&D enterprises, universities and individual teams. The size of each participating team is 3 to 5 people. Participants should meet the following conditions:

1. The name of the team does not contain uncivilized words. If the company team is not allowed to use the company name

2. Entries are blockchain application projects, and may not violate relevant national laws and regulations, and may not infringe on the intellectual property rights of others;

3. Entries must be original works, and the technical architecture used can at least map with the core layer, service layer and application layer in the functional view specified in the Blockchain Reference Architecture.

Third, the form of participation

1. Participate in the form of team formation, one of whom is the leader;

2. Each unit can allow up to 3 teams to participate.

Fourth, the entries

1. Source code and target application system that can be deployed and run;

2. Application system demonstration material PPT or Word.

V. Entry requirements

1. Enrollment of the participants must be submitted online. The participating teams who have passed the examination will be eligible to participate in the competition. The submission requirements will be separately specified in the notification notice.

2. The participating teams that have obtained the qualifications for the on-site qualification shall sign the relevant intellectual property agreement with the Forum Secretariat (China Electronic Technology Standardization Research Institute), and the contents of the agreement shall be separately released by the Forum Secretariat;

3. The participating teams who have obtained the qualifications for on-site qualifications shall complete the on-site development and deployment as required, and submit the technical materials of the entries. The relevant requirements shall be separately specified in the notice of participation;

4. Points can be earned for participating projects in the distributed application account open source community project (Dappledger);

5. Violation of the central bank and other seven ministries and commissions on September 4, 2017, the "Announcement on Preventing the Risk of Subsidy Issuance Financing" will be disqualified at any time;

6. Other matters specified in the entry notice.

Sixth, the event arrangement

1. Entry Notice: Released on April 19, 2019.

2. Registration time: From April 19th to June 19th, 2019, complete the team formation and submit relevant registration materials and entry plan according to the requirements of the competition notice.

3. Primary selection time: Before June 25, 2019, the forum technical committee will conduct a preliminary selection of the participating teams, and select the participating teams that meet the requirements to participate in the competition.

4. Publicity: On June 28, 2019, the Forum Secretariat publicized the list of participating teams through the contest website and the public number.

5. On-site development and deployment: the participating teams set up the development environment (the organizing committee provides network resources) for on-site development. The development results can be deployed in the deployment environment provided by the competition, or deployed in the self-prepared deployment environment. Code and related materials.

6. On-site roadshow and selection: Each participating team has a roadshow time of 8 minutes, a response time of 10 minutes, and an expert score of 2 minutes.

7. Results Release: Release the winning entries.

8. Outcome of the results: Invite the representatives of the winning teams to introduce the results of the competition.

Seven, review rules

1. The Forum Secretariat invites a number of experts from the Forum Expert Committee, the Vice Chairman Unit and the investors who support this competition to form a judging team, with one judge of the review team;

2, according to the percentage system for scoring, the scoring method is to remove the highest score and a minimum score after the accumulation, the average is divided into the final game results;

3. The specific scoring principle shall be separately prescribed by the Forum Secretariat after the announcement of the entry.

Eight, awards set

1. One first prize, one second prize and one third prize of the comprehensive class of this competition. In addition, according to the "China Blockchain Technology and Application Development White Paper (2016 Edition)" in the six areas of financial services, supply chain management, public welfare culture, social entertainment, education and employment, intelligent manufacturing set application awards.

2. If there is a score (calculated by the decimal point of 2 digits) in the same process during the judging process, the final reserved quota will be determined by voting by the expert group.

9. Awards and support methods

The forum provides incentive support in the following ways:

First prize, 1 prize, 50,000 yuan

Second prize, 1 prize, 30,000 yuan

Third prize, 1 prize, 10,000 yuan

Application award 6 prizes 10,000 yuan

Ten, registration method

Online registration (registration URL: