“National team” grabs the blockchain and infrastructure is preferred

Reporter: Sun Zhong

Source: Shanghai Securities News

The development of the blockchain industry has ushered in an important signal! The “National Team” will lay out the infrastructure field and further promote the underlying platform technology and layout of the grassroots service system.

The Shanghai Securities Journal reporter recently learned that the China Banknote Blockchain Technology Research Institute, which is known as the “national team” of the blockchain, started cooperation with the National Technology Transfer Eastern Center in Shanghai this month to promote the network of blockchain registration and open technology platform. Weighing spectrum platform). The platform will provide the underlying technology of trusted blockchain for entities.

At the same time, the blockchain service network (BSN) internal testing led by UnionPay has started, which will be the largest cross-industry, cross-market and cross-regional blockchain infrastructure technology platform in China. It is expected to be officially launched in April next year.


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Blockchain technology still faces bottlenecks

With the increasing number of landing cases, the blockchain industry environment has gradually taken shape.

However, the development of the entire industry is still in its infancy. Although there are many application cases, it is still scattered, lacking core platforms and technical output.

Liu Bin, director of the Financial Research Office of the Pudong Reform and Development Research Institute, said that although it has been well applied in the fields of securities deposit, supply chain finance, payment, and sharing ecology, it still lacks infrastructure and industry standards. Even if there are cases, the core applications are still not high.

Ji Zhoudong, member of the China Electronics Society Blockchain Committee, said that although the domestic blockchain technology has many cases, it is still in the early stage of application exploration. All large enterprises and ecological companies build chains in the internal and ecological upstream and downstream. There are very few open and mutual trusts in the blockchain, which are completely dependent on the ability of the enterprise “organizational bureau”. 02

Industry experts told reporters that from the level of development and application of blockchain, it can be divided into three levels: one is tools, the other is platform, and the third is infrastructure.

The so-called tools are aimed at a certain industry or business pain point, using the technical characteristics of a single point in the blockchain; the platform level is that the core enterprises use their own ecology to build an industrial ecological platform; the infrastructure level means not considering Specific business, providing a service infrastructure for the entire industry and even the entire society.

The infrastructure layer is the cornerstone of the development of the blockchain industry. It provides important support for the R&D and operation of the upper layer of the blockchain. The technical entry threshold is high and the head effect is obvious. For small and medium-sized enterprises, the difficulty of using blockchain technology is not small, not only the shortage of talents, but also the technical understanding and standards are difficult to unify. Therefore, only the blockchain infrastructure is well-equipped to further promote the application of blockchain and reduce costs.


Infrastructure upgrades again

Recently, the “national team” of blockchains such as UnionPay and China Banknote Blockchain Technology Research Institute is constantly adding and optimizing the previous blockchain technology layout. Although the respective paths are not the same, they all pay special attention to the infrastructure construction of blockchain technology.

“This blockchain test platform will be the largest platform in China, not only able to accommodate multiple blockchain underlying languages, but also join in any city in the country. This is a cross-public, cross-regional, cross-institutional national Blockchain service infrastructure.” Zhou Wei, head of the blockchain of China UnionPay Electronic Payments Research Institute, told reporters.

It is reported that the UnionPay is not a single-handedly, but the United Nations Information Center and China Mobile.

Zhou Wei said that due to the participation of China Mobile, the Blockchain Service Network (BSN) can basically cover all important regions of the country, which will become one of the most important blockchain platform technologies in China. At the same time, this platform is compatible with different versions of the underlying blockchain technology. Therefore, most of the blockchain technology platforms can conduct business on the platform.

“After six months of internal testing, it is expected to be officially commercialized,” Zhou said. Liu Bin said that the advantage of the blockchain service network initiated by UnionPay is to use the cloud resources of China Mobile to build a blockchain basic service network. This network may provide developers with plug-and-play services and integrate many blocks. Chain technology application platform.

Previously, Internet companies such as Tencent and Ali each owned the BAAS (Blockchain as a Service) platform, providing enterprises with a simple and fast layout of blockchain services.

Zhou Wei said that the blockchain industry in the domestic blockchain industry has not yet built a blockchain environment that is unanimously recognized and used together. The industry has a high voice for establishing a blockchain public infrastructure that is recognized by all parties. And UnionPay is expected to make a breakthrough in this field.

It is reported that this super platform has the key technology to master the underlying core, and can also promote the construction of national and industry standards.