Statistics: 88 listed companies are involved in the chain, and a few have developed blockchain products.

The Securities Network issued a document saying that with the recent attention of domestic blockchain technology, not only many listed companies have “chained up”, but many venture capitalists are also actively seeking suitable investment targets. At present, there are 88 listed companies in the A-share market involved in the blockchain, but most of them are only in the stage of planning concept, only a small part of the small-scale application just started, and it will take a long time from large-scale application. Tianfeng Securities said that the blockchain technology has been upgraded to the level of an important breakthrough in independent innovation, and industrial investment, R&D and landing progress are expected to continue to accelerate. At present, the network office has published two batches of blockchain information service filing lists. Guosheng Securities believes that although the filing is only for the registration of the main blockchain service, it does not represent the recognition of its institutions, products and services, and no institution or individual may use it for any commercial purpose.