Babbitt Column | Super Jun: Miner's Spring

Author: super king

The spring of the miners is quietly coming. On November 6, the news report that the National Development and Reform Commission removed the “eliminating the virtual currency mining part” from the list of “eliminating the industry”, and this news became a scene of friends’ friends, and the price of the currency was slightly rise.

Then, when was it included in the list of “eliminated industries”? This is also a very short story. On April 9 this year, the miners’ hearts were stunned. The originally uncertain industry had a feeling of being convicted. On that night, I called for it on Weibo. Unevenness:

"Bitcoin mine smoke-free low-carbon green environmental protection, no quality inspection, no residual products, no after-sales service, no triangular debt, cash in stock, no water, no oil, just point to electricity, just to consume the cost of the western region Water and electricity, promote local employment, produce the most advanced blockchain assets, and increase national foreign exchange. Such a perfect business model has been planned as a backward production industry, emmm…"

In fact, before this, the government has already had enough restrictions on mining. From Inner Mongolia and Sichuan to Xinjiang, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the local power sector have issued documents to the areas under their jurisdiction, restricting bitcoin mining, or prohibiting the sale of electricity to Bitcoin. Mining, during this period, I remember that Jia Nan Zhi Zhi, the currency letter and some people with lofty ideals have done some popular work on the government, analyzing the pros and cons, but under the general trend, there is no help, the restriction is still limited, and the prohibition is still prohibited.

This was a big blow to many miners at that time. Miners and friends, when they received the notice, they had to cry and hate, remove the mining machine, inquire about the place to be placed, and then load the car to the Chinese land. The scene reminds me of the Southwest Associated University. One student shouted "The big China, why can't you put a quiet desk?"

One of the miners' friends was particularly fateful. When he was mining in Inner Mongolia, Inner Mongolia issued a notice, then he went to Sichuan, and soon received a notice. He was exhausted and did not want to engage in infrastructure construction himself. So he moved to Xinjiang Shihezi Trusteeship. I thought that Shihezi had also issued a notice in the near future. He was so angry and indignant that he had to work hard in Yunnan to work on his own mine and transport the machines from Xinjiang. It is said that Yunnan also issued a notice, but he did not receive it, so he was frightened every day and mined in Yunnan with the mood of a day when the monk hit a day. I think about him all over the country, sitting on a big truck to transport his mining machine, it is not a year-old eager beekeeper, rushing his bees to find the flowering period.

In this, I also heard a magical story. A small hydropower station in Sichuan has signed a five-year electricity contract with the miners. Before that, this small hydropower station was originally barely operated because Sichuan's power supply was too much. The electricity produced by the small hydropower station could not be sold. The west power transmission was a history, only one week. It can generate electricity for one or two days, then sell it to the grid, and other times are idle. Later, the miners came to this land and signed a contract with the small hydropower station. Everyone knows that bitcoin is all-weather mining, so the small hydropower station is also generating electricity all day, 7*24 hours, and the income geometry rises. However, as the price of the currency rises, or the owner of the small hydropower station has seen the charm of this thing, the boss’s mind is alive, and it feels that mining is too profitable. After Sichuan banned the sale of electricity to the mining industry, the boss quickly took the printed notice and told the miners to let him off the mining machine and move away. The miners shouted in the sky and had to do it. Soon after, the miners went back there and found that there was still a rumbling machine. So, taking advantage of the boss, they asked the mine staff. The staff said that the small hydropower station owner quickly bought the money after he moved out of the mining machine. Mine machine, self-made electricity to dig yourself…

I have unlimited enthusiasm for bitcoin mining. The most friends in the circle are miners friends. I have endless enthusiasm for the story of mining. In the article I wrote, I think I wrote the "Magic and Reality of Bitcoin Mining". It is the first good one. "" is the second best. The last few days, "He retired, leaving a prosperous world" is the third best. I wrote in the "Magic Reality" article:

Civilization is always the latest in the river basin. The river is the source, nourishing life, prospering, worshipping the gods, establishing the order, creating the tribe, expanding the territory, and then steaming the small and fresh, the good and the water, the son in the Sichuan, the wind and the steam engine drive the ship from the river to the ocean.

Dadu River, the largest tributary of the Lancang River in the Yangtze River Basin. In May, I looked at the rivers of the Dadu River and rushed to worship, recalling the gradual formation of human civilization in time and space. However, at this moment, I am not a history scholar of Wangchuan Nostalgia. I am a visitor, waiting for a person, and watching the new mine, the coolest business of mankind.

Compared with coal mines, bitcoin mines are smoke-free and low-carbon green, no quality inspection, no scraps, no after-sales service, no triangular debts, cash in stock, no water, no oil, just point on electricity. In the ancient river basin, the operation of the most advanced blockchain civilization is being maintained, so this is the coolest business.

Bitcoin mining has always been the coolest business. This time, I like the rational science major of the decision makers. Miners from all over the country, at this moment, let us raise a cup together, make a cup of empty space, for the cause that we persist in, for the dawn of this spring, I hope this spring will last for a long time.