Wuzhen gathers more than the original special event, and talks about the blockchain ecology and application.

Than the original chain

On November 8-9, the high-profile world blockchain conference will be held in Wuzhen, Zhejiang. The "Keep MOVing" special event will be held in the rain reading hall of Wuzhen Internet International Convention and Exhibition Center on the afternoon of the 8th. The reason for this name is because it has just released a white paper on the MOV next-generation cross-chain Layer 2 value exchange agreement in September.

MOV is the next-generation decentralized cross-chain Layer 2 value exchange protocol based on the Bystack main sidechain architecture. It consists of the value exchange engine magnetic contract, the center-to-center cross-chain gateway (OFMF) and the Layer 2 high-speed side chain (Vapor). The core module is composed of a heterogeneous and integrated diversity asset value exchange collaborative ecology. Previously, the successful release of the original chain Bystack laid the foundation and product form of the MOV agreement, constructed a self-contained instance representative, and completed an infinite expansion than the original asset dimension. MOV will focus on an open external ecological model, based on Bystack to enrich more mainstream asset dimensions and guide the formation of other ecosystems, and establish a multi-dimensional matrix of value exchange between internal and external synergies.

By then, than the original chain CEO Lang Yu, the original chain CTO Zhu Yiqi, the original chain CFO Li Zongcheng, than the original chain senior researcher Tom Liu, than the original chain UED leader Aben will introduce the latest developments related to the original. In addition, many large coffees have been invited than the original chain to discuss the ecological construction and application of the blockchain.

In the dialogue about the environment than the original MOV eco-collaboration paradigm, Bepal CEO Hu Yuanquan, Bitite co-founder Wang Chao, TAMC founder Lou Yiyue, Keystore Business VP Jia Xudong, Cobo Market VP, and the original chain CFO Li Zong Cheng will discuss how wallets, parties, and digital asset service providers can participate in the MOV ecosystem, as well as the circulation, trading, management and future of digital assets.

The theme of this World Blockchain Conference is “Application Unbounded”, and the promotion of landing applications is also the original intention of the original Baas platform Bystack. Compared with the original chain operation director Ma Qianli, I would like to invite several partners who are more than the original chain application ecology to talk about how the blockchain technology can enhance the credit for the digital society. Zhang Feng, Vice President and Secretary General of Zhejiang Digital Economics Association, Yu Xueyu, the early founder of Baoquan.com, Gui Bin, founder of Slife, Zhou Bin, CEO of Hangzhou Excellent Chain Cloud, and Li Wei, the blockchain consultant of Shenzhen Stock Exchange, will introduce their respective Collaborate with the original and explore how to advance the commercial application of blockchain technology.