Deputy Director of the National Cryptography Administration: Promoting the stable development of the commercial password industry and promoting the integration of new technologies such as passwords and blockchains

Xu Hanliang, deputy director of the National Cryptography Administration, recently attended the "2019 Shaanxi Commercial Password Innovation and Application High-end Forum". He said that the introduction of the cryptography method has embodied the great importance attached by the party and the state to password work. Promote the healthy and stable development of commercial password business. First, we must conscientiously perform the management duties assigned by the cryptography. Second, we must promote the widespread application of passwords. Third, we must improve the quality of the password. Strengthen the basic theory of cryptography, key technologies and applied research, carry out research on new cryptographic algorithms, and promote the integration of cryptography and blockchain, big data, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, 5G and other new technologies and new fields.