Shanghai Customs Deputy Commissioner Ye Jian: Building a Trusted Shared Blockchain Platform for International Trade will strengthen data sharing and business collaboration

On the 7th of November, Shanghai Customs Deputy Commissioner Ye Jian said in response to a reporter's question at the Shanghai International Trade Single Window “Blockchain+” press conference. At present, there are many domestic and foreign companies and research institutions including ports, logistics, Pilot chain applications in various international trade-related fields such as transportation, regulation and finance have been piloted. For example, last year's Expo, China's COSCO and Shanghai Port Group jointly launched the shipping industry blockchain alliance GSBN, aiming to promote the development of digital standards and industry collaboration in the shipping industry. Ye Jian said that by building an international trade trusted shared blockchain platform, data sharing and business synergy will be strengthened, and a new type of supervision model with trust as the core will be built.