Jianan Zhizhi's second update prospectus: confirmed the fundraising of 400 million US dollars, the third quarter revenue far exceeds the first half and the same period last year

According to the China Economic Net, large-scale mining machine manufacturer Jia Nan, who is submitting the latest version of the F-1 file to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), plans to raise $400 million. (Note: The F-1 document is a registered listing announcement provided by some companies outside the United States to the SEC, that is, supplementary information, financial information, etc. that need to be provided.) The document shows that Jianan Zhizhi’s third quarter revenue reached 657 million yuan this year. The profit was 94.5 million yuan, far exceeding the performance of the first half of this year and the same period last year – the first half of this year's revenue was 288 million yuan, a loss of 331 million yuan; the third quarter of last year's revenue reached 480 million yuan, a loss of 67 million yuan.