We analyzed the 3000 blockchain issues that investors put forward to listed companies and came to these conclusions.

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Editor's Note: After the original title of "1024 Conference", we analyzed the 3,000 blockchain issues that investors have proposed to listed companies. The blockchain is the first to be the traditional capital market.

After the "1024 meeting", the olfactory capital in the stock market to find the target, the online interactive platform of investors and listed companies "interactive easy", "Shangzheng E move" became the main place to explore the "blockchain concept stocks". During that time, as long as the "blockchain" was stained, the dog would ascend to heaven.

Mutual chain pulse statistics, from October 25th to November 5th deadline, "Interaction Easy", "Shangzhen E" related blockchain questions and answers are 3200 and 920, a total of more than 4,000.

Mutual Chain Pulse will analyze 3200 pieces of data from Interactive and easy to observe the blockchain concept stocks in the eyes of capital, especially small and medium investors.

Blockchain concept time heat normal distribution

Before the “1024 conference”, the questions and answers about the blockchain in the interactive forum were sporadic, a few days or a dozen. However, on the evening of October 25th, the news about the blockchain spread rapidly, and the number of questions related to the interactive forum also rose rapidly. The number of questions and answers on the day reached 164.

In the following weekend, although the A shares did not open, investors did not rest on the blockchain concept stocks. The listed company’s secretaries did not rest, two days on October 26 and October 27. , issued 375 and 361 related questions and answers.

The climax appeared on the first trading day after the "1024 Conference". On October 28th, the number of Q&A blocks on the interactive block was as high as 954. There was rarely one topic with such a high Q and A.

After that, it is declining day by day until the weekend of November 2, and the blockchain question and answer volume is close to the daily level.

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Who is the most concerned blockchain concept stock?

Before October 24, there were more than 100 blockchain concept stocks, but now the blockchain concept stocks have expanded rapidly, and more than 200 stocks have been included in the concept chain of the straight flush blockchain.

In terms of interaction, from October 25th to November 5th, the number of listed companies that have been inquired by investors has reached 905. If the data of SSE E is added, the number of listed companies will account for all 3,700 A shares. one third.

In other words, in the eyes of investors, one-third of listed companies are likely to be “blocky”. The question investors want to ask is: "Is your company involved in the blockchain?"

The number of questions and answers from companies involved in the interaction can also be seen as the leader of the blockchain in the eyes of capital. According to the statistics of the inter-chain pulse, the two companies, Quartier Jingchuang and China Construction, were asked 39 times and 37 times respectively.

Sifang Jingchuang is a veteran blockchain concept stock. There is a wholly-owned subsidiary, Shenzhen Qianhai Lexunfang Blockchain Technology Co., Ltd., which launched the blockchain activity platform APP Le Workshop for individual users last year.

China Construction and Shanghai Haoge Information Technology Co., Ltd. jointly established a blockchain technology financial information service platform for the building decoration industry. Recently, the media revealed that the Central Bank Digital Money Working Group met with Fang Yushu, the head of the China Construction Construction Blockchain Division and the CEO of Shanghai Haoge Information Technology Co., Ltd. in Shanghai, on the research and development, access and testing of digital currency in the field of architectural decoration. In-depth communication.

In addition, 7 companies including Donggang, Creative Information, Hande Information, Tianyuan Dike, Changshan Beiming, Jincai Internet and Hanwei Technology have more than 20 questions and answers.

Another 48 listed companies questioned and answered about the blockchain on the interactive forum, and appeared more than ten times during the statistical period.

(tabulation: interchain pulse)

Investors want manufacturing transformation?

Among the A-shares, manufacturing accounted for nearly 64% of the total. From October 25th to November 5th, up to 59% of listed companies that were asked by the investors about the blockchain came from manufacturing.

This does not match the development path of the blockchain application. When the blockchain is applied, it first enters the financial industry, because finance itself is a credit intermediary, and the blockchain, a technology called “trust machine”, has been in the financial industry since its birth. Among listed companies, the number of financial companies accounted for 2.9%, but the number of financial companies inquired by investors recently was 1.9%.

After the financial sector, the blockchain will be widely used in the people's livelihood, including transportation, catering, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery, but the amount of inquiries in these areas is not large.

Investors are very inquiring about listed companies in the manufacturing industry, and perhaps expect the manufacturing industry to transform and upgrade through the blockchain.

The information transmission, software and information technology services industry is second only to the manufacturing industry, and is asked whether it is involved in the blockchain industry. A total of 186 companies were inquired by investors, accounting for 21%. From the overall number of A shares, the industry accounted for only 7.6%.

From a technical point of view, this phenomenon is reasonable. Because the relevant technologies of blockchain, such as P2P network technology, computer software technology, etc. belong to this industry. Technology is the foundation for blockchains to achieve application landing. At present, the blockchain concept leading companies are also concentrated in this industry.

In this round of investors' inquiries about listed companies' blockchain business, the manufacturing and information transmission, software and information technology services industries accounted for 80% of the total.

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Blockchain is a basic technology that can be used by any industry or company in theory. The blockchain concept stocks may become more and more concentrated in the technology side in the future, and the time when the application is considered to be the blockchain concept stock may be two years.

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