Early warning: EIDOS mining attack has changed, hackers are attacking multiple DApps

Between 3 am and 11 am today, PeckShield security shield wind control platform DAppShield monitored the hotsexygames account to launch mining attacks on various DApp games. PeckShield security personnel analysis found that the difference between the previous generation of BigGame's CPU payment function was maliciously mined. The hacker returned the prize through the game and launched EIDOS mining within the reward notice, causing the DApp CPU to be consumed. With the continued fierceness of EIDOS, many hacker targets have launched attacks from DApp to decentralized exchanges to consume platform-side CPU resources, which will bring ordinary users to play DApps and even exchanges. Bad experience. PeckShield hereby reminds all DApps to filter the contract players when they initiate notifications to avoid CPU loss due to malicious mining attacks.