Babbitt's morning news

1. Central Bank of Russia: The central bank's digital currency may become a substitute for cash and deposits. 2. Ripple Labs sold 20 million XRPs yesterday, and community members said they sold a total of 1 billion in three months. 3. Israeli cryptocurrency developers raised $4 million from investors including Samsung. 4. Deputy Minister of Finance of Russia: The regulation of the regulation of bitcoin and cryptocurrency by legislators seems to have no clue. 5. U.S. Utah passed a bill prohibiting law enforcement agencies from searching for digital data without a license. 6. Swiss Federal President Maurer: China and Sweden can deepen cooperation in areas such as blockchain. 7. Aoben Cong withdraws allegedly false e-mail evidence or faces a three-degree felony. 8.Blockstream completed the first untrusted peer-to-peer bitcoin forward contract transaction.