Blockchain Capital Partner: The addition of Facebook and Telegram will boost the encryption market

Spencer Bogart, a partner at encryption-based investment firm Blockchain Capital, pointed out in a new blog post that Facebook, Telegram and Stabilization will bring the biggest growth in the history of the Bitcoin industry in the next two years. This is a virtuous circle. As more and more users enter the encryption market, more and more developers use "programmable money" to build more incredible things, bringing more users to the industry. And more money. The end result is faster growth. What's important, Bogart said, is that something that initially attracts new users into the encryption market may be different from retaining them. For example, Telegram's token TON may become the entry point to the encryption market. But once a user has a TON, it is easy to exchange it for other cryptographic assets with stronger value support and more mature tracking records. In addition, he also pointed out that the latest stable currency is fundamentally different from the long-standing stable currency (such as Tether).