MiningStore CEO: Venezuela, Brazil and Iran will scale out cryptocurrencies in a decade

In Anthony Pompliano's recently released podcast "Off the Chain", MiningStore CEO JP Baric said that after 24 months, the mining space will be very different: "We will usher in a boom like the Internet age, there will be A large amount of capital seeks to make a profit in this space. Once these tools and platforms are in place and built for the enterprise, everyone will want to invest in these assets.” Baric further talked about bitcoin mining that has the greatest economic incentive for miners, last year miners They have received more than $5 billion in rewards. He also said that PoW tokens are the most valuable, while PoS tokens have no value. He also pointed out that the reason why Ethereum is more stable than other networks is that the project has been supported by miners in the past four years. In addition, Baris predicts that countries outside the banking system, such as Venezuela, Brazil and Iran, although they own oil, are unable to sell to the market, so they will begin to use oil mining cryptocurrencies on a large scale in the next decade.