360 Safe Brain: GandCrab Spreads Again Through U Disk Worm

360 official website recently issued a document saying that the GandCrab ransom virus has been popular all over the world since 2018. Because it distributes ransomware to virus communicators through the RaaS model of the dark network, it also sells various communication tools, becoming the most widely spread channel among the current ransomware. The family with the largest amount of transmission. The 360-safe brain detected that the U disk worm spread GandCrab again in the near future. As early as late November 2018, GandCrab had used the spread of U disk worms, causing a large number of computers. When the GandCrab ransomware attack last year, the amount of extortion was about 3,000 yuan. The sample captured shows that the virus has raised the amount of extortion to $2,000, equivalent to more than RMB 13,000. Due to the large number of paying victims, the communicators are also increasing the fees step by step.