Interpretation: The road to energy saving and emission reduction, from PoW to PoC

The power consumption of 64 billion kWh has exceeded the annual electricity consumption in Switzerland;

Under the 28TH/S standard calculation power, it can run continuously for 24 hours, and the consumption per day can reach 38 kilowatts, which is about 3 times of the electricity consumption of ordinary households;

0.00111412 BTC, which is the number of BTCs dug out by the new mining machine every day;

34.7 million tons of annual carbon emissions, equivalent to the entire Danish carbon emissions.

The mining pool is a very important part of the blockchain or bitcoin. In many blockchain networks, the project side, investors, and miners form a relationship between the three parties. In the case of miners-led, its upstream and downstream industry business model is very mature. Sichuan, Tibet, and Inner Mongolia provinces have become the most concentrated places for global mining capital due to their abundant hydropower resources.

Although the bitcoin mining industry has alleviated the problems of water and electricity in the province, the contradiction has become increasingly prominent because of the lack of supervision. Due to cost considerations and convenience, some mines have directly established the mine pool inside the hydropower station, causing great trouble to the environment and the surrounding residents' lives.


Recently, Sichuan has launched a seminar on “High-quality Dissemination of Hydropower and Digital Economy Innovation Development”. The conference will discuss the development of digital economy and energy industry, blockchain technology and joint production of new production relations, storage and computing. Resources explore the topic of the significance of industrial development.

"Introducing strategic emerging industries such as cloud storage and cloud computing, and forming a new industrial cluster of new industries and traditional industries that are led by digitalization in the demonstration zone of hydropower consumption industry, effectively helping the industry to develop and achieving high quality. Hydropower consumption." It is becoming a major demand for hydropower transformation in the provinces that are plagued by the PoW mining industry, including Sichuan.

The need for great computing power, waste of power and energy, noise from the surrounding environment, and the environmental impact of the heat dissipation of the mining machine is a problem that needs to be solved in the PoW mode of mining with CPU and GPU. It is based on the background of this era that PoC (capacity consensus) came into being.

Compared with CPU and GPU, PoC's hard disk mining cost is almost negligible. According to statistics, an 8T hard drive consumes only a few watts, which is equivalent to the energy consumption of a light bulb. Because PoC only needs to find in the existing values ​​and does not participate in real-time calculations, the energy consumption is greatly reduced.

In addition to energy consumption, first of all, in the revenue cost cycle, the PoW mainstream currency mining machine has a short return period of 191 days and a long period of 9594 days. Take Lava's PoC mining as an example. According to the current 8V computing power of Lava, you can get about 300 Lava tokens per month, while the mining cost of 8T memory is less than 3,000 yuan.

Secondly, in the anti-metal ASIC, PoC can be mined because it only needs to use the computer memory idle space, and there is no requirement for data throughput under high computing power. This greatly enhances the possibility that everyone can mine, so the natural elimination of ASIC.

Finally, with the increase in the power of PoW and the continuous increase in the cost of mining, the concentration of computing power has reached an urgent issue. PoC uses the low barrier feature to reduce the possibility of concentration.

Many people who don't know about PoC think that it is a concept that has just been proposed, but it is not. PoC was applied to the Burst project in 2014, and miners were rewarded by packing the blocks by searching for the correct hash value by storing the data themselves.

This year, PoC has gradually entered the eyes of everyone because of its advantages of “green environmental protection”, “everyone can dig” and natural anti-monopoly. Of course, with the gradual popularity of PoC, more and more projects are gradually coming in. Among them, there are some projects that sell dog meat, and under the banner of the low threshold of PoC, they are doing the selling of mineral oil or the business of capital.

The policy is gradually becoming clear, but the path still requires the blockchain industry practitioners to take the time to explore.

As the leader in the field of PoC, Lava is committed to promoting the virtuous cycle of energy and blockchain industry, promoting the development of hydropower by hydropower, and promoting the consumption of hydropower as the basic principle of the industry, and is committed to consolidating the global hard disk storage resources. It builds the underlying framework and builds the global "root of trust."

The Lava team improved the PoC through a deep understanding of the blockchain. On the one hand, using the unique flint mechanism, Flint is generated by the mortgage Lava, and mining can obtain double Lava rewards. This is similar to Staking's mechanism. By adjusting the price of Flint by the market, it not only maintains the activity of the Lava chain, but also prevents malicious trade and protects the interests of miners and investors.

On the other hand, Lava uses the method of computing power to achieve different computing powers that can be bound to the same address, enriching the development of the “mine pool” ecology under the mining scene. The miners and the mining pools no longer have their own politics, which not only ensures the benign cooperation of the mining ecology, but also guarantees the concept that everyone can mine.

It is not difficult to see that after thinking and optimizing the PoC consensus mechanism, Lava has the advantages of PoC mining, computing power sharing, green energy saving, and the existing Staking mechanism to make the whole ecology more transparent and enhance. The participation of the community. In the future, Lava will continue to focus on PoC and continue to promote the development of the blockchain industry through technology research and ecological construction, bringing real value realization to the society.