Dean of the CCID Block Research Institute: The blockchain technology of “C-side is not feeling” is quietly integrated into the lives of the people.

Liu Quan, a think tank expert expert in the blockchain and a dean of the CCID Block Research Institute, said in an interview that the blockchain has slowly integrated into society. However, the blockchain is a "C-endless" technology because it is the underlying technology. From the application layer, it is difficult for users to intuitively feel the changes brought by the blockchain. But I believe that with the rapid spread of blockchain technology, ordinary people will eventually get used to its existence and become one of the essential basic technologies. With the eastward policy, China's blockchain development has a direction, and the entry of the head enterprises has gradually brought the development of the industry on the right track, relying more on their strong ecology to explore the reality of “blockchain+”. Application, this technology is “de-realistic” and is really used by society and the public. On the whole, enterprises engaged in the research and development and application design of the underlying technology of the blockchain will have better living space, and the blockchain will be more closely integrated with the real economy.