Economic Reference: Financial institutions add code to the blockchain and other technologies, and the regulatory tips adhere to the safety principle.

On November 8th, the economic reference newspaper article "Finance technology and the windward port supervision prompts to adhere to the principle of safety." The article said that the application of financial technology has once again ushered in the cusp. At present, financial institutions are adding code to blockchain, big data and other technologies, and cross-border trade and supply chain finance projects have been successively launched. However, some new technologies may pose risks and have attracted regulatory attention. Li Wei, director of the Science and Technology Department of the central bank, pointed out at the 2nd China International Import Expo that artificial intelligence, big data and blockchain technologies are not omnipotent. They have their strengths and weaknesses at the technical level, and relevant institutions must carefully analyze them. , find the right application scenario. Regarding the blockchain technology, he said that the blockchain has the advantage of not being able to falsify the forgery, but the security of the blockchain needs to be studied.