Jingdong Digital Division Vice President: Blockchain can help organizations improve synergy efficiency

On November 7th, Xu Yerun, vice president of Jingdong Digital Technology Group and general manager of Asset Management Department of Asset Management Department, pointed out at the 2019 Fortune Global Technology Forum that the blockchain structure is uniquely fault-tolerant, non-series, and non-destructible. On the basis of providing technical support for the ABS business, investors can effectively trace the underlying assets to the original stakeholders. With the participation of brokers and banks, an ABS alliance chain can be formed, which can improve synergy efficiency and reduce trust and coordination costs. Xu Yerun said that the application of blockchain technology in the ABS field is one of the scenes of Jingdong Science and Technology Capability. Jingdong Digital will continue to promote the application of digital technology in the field of asset management, with a focus on creating a strategic management platform "JT2 has a good management."