Tether responds that “a single whale is driving the 2017 BTC surge”: flawed, nonsense, insult to the community

Tether responded to the latest paper on "A single whale driving the 2017 BTC surge." The article said that the updated papers by Griffin and Shams are still flawed and embarrassing. For example: 1. Lack of data support; 2. The way they observe transactions may be consistent with Tether's market purchases, not Tether's issuance; 3. The author does not own or quote any relevant reserves about Tether that support Tether's circulation. data. In addition, the article stated that it is easy to attribute the soaring price of Bitcoin in 2017 to such a simple approach, which is an insult to the tens of thousands of people in our community relying on the rationality of the digital currency economy. Finally, Tether reiterated that Tether and its affiliates have never used Tether tokens or distributions to manipulate cryptocurrency or token pricing. All Tether tokens are fully supported by reserves and issued according to market demand, and this is not to manipulate the price of encrypted assets.