Dean of the CCID Block Research Institute: Popular blockchain education needs the promotion of government departments and the emergence of “killer” applications

Liu Quan, a think tank expert expert in the blockchain and a dean of the CCID Block Research Institute, said in an interview that the blockchain is not equal to digital currency, and the digital currency is only the application of the blockchain. In short, blockchain is the infrastructure for building network trust. In terms of popularity, the biggest problem at present is that ordinary people do not understand what is a “blockchain” because this emerging vocabulary is quite abstract and difficult to use analogies with existing technologies or solutions. In terms of universal education, on the one hand, it needs the promotion of government departments; on the other hand, it needs the application of “killer” in the market, such as: WeChat, Alipay, to achieve universal participation, universal application, understanding the blockchain in the process of use. technology. By combining "top-down" and "bottom-up", blockchain technology can be quickly popularized.