Di Gang, deputy director of the Central Bank Digital Money Institute: coins and chains cannot be confused, blockchain is not equal to bitcoin

On November 8, the 2019 Trusted Block Chain Summit was held in Beijing. Di Gang, deputy director of the Institute of Digital and Monetary Research of the People's Bank of China, invited a speech. He said that for the blockchain, it is necessary to raise awareness and attach great importance to technological development; to clarify the concept, the currency and chain cannot be confused, and the blockchain is not equal to bitcoin. In addition, market dimensions, risk control, and legal compliance should be considered to promote the “blockchain+” boom. Pay attention to the privacy protection of business information and personal data, the technology adopted by the blockchain should consider the problems solved, and what kind of innovation can be brought by the blockchain. Practice has proved that the blockchain technology is not a one-time, undeniable, district Blockchain technology is still in its early stages, facing security, standards, compliance and other issues, we must calmly think about how to let the blockchain resolve the industry's pain points and serve the real economy.