Zhou Xiaochuan: China has begun to arrange digital currency research five years ago. There may have been many ideas.

The 10th Caixin Summit was held in Beijing from November 7th to 10th. Zhou Xiaochuan, president of the China Finance Association and former president of the People's Bank of China, attended and gave a speech. In response to a question "whether the central bank has a timetable for launching digital currency," Zhou Xiaochuan said: "After five years or more, some banknote makers have proposed that the alternative to banknotes may be digital currency, but There is no focus on the possibility of applying a blockchain or a distributed accounting system. China has been planning to do some research since then, but initial research may not progress by leaps and bounds, because technology still takes a long time to master. Now I have already done a lot of things, and I may have a lot of ideas. I have also left the People’s Bank now, so if you want to know the progress and when to what extent, I think that you will have the People’s Bank of China in the Caixin Summit anyway. You will ask them to ask."