General Manager of Blockchain Technology in Tencent: Tencent pays attention to the cultivation of three blockchain “capabilities”, namely tamper resistance, availability and adaptation

On November 8, 2019, the Trusted Block Chain Summit was held in Beijing. Li Maocai, general manager of blockchain technology of Tencent, pointed out that Tencent's development of blockchain mainly focuses on three kinds of capabilities: first, blockchain The core ability, that is, the ability to prevent tampering; the second is the ability to make blockchain technology available on the basis of tamper-proof ability; the third is the ability to adapt the application scenario, and this is mainly reflected in two In terms of the first step, we must go deep into the scene to understand the pain points of the business. Second, we must not limit ourselves to the blockchain technology itself, but use other relatively mature technologies such as cloud computing and big data.
In addition, Tencent has applied practices in the fields of games, supply chain finance, electronic invoicing, and deposit certificates in recent years.