China Internet Association Shang Bing: The development of new Internet technologies, including blockchain, will be promoted from four aspects

On November 8, Shang Bing, chairman of the China Internet Association, said at the 2019 Trusted Block Summit that it will actively promote the development of new Internet technologies, including blockchain. The first is to promote standard construction. The second is to promote industry exchanges. The integration of blockchain technology development and other new generation technologies requires not only technical, legal, and regulatory cooperation, but also needs to include all aspects of the government and industry chain, including technology providers. Co-participation, etc. It will build a platform for industry exchanges. The third is to organize professional training, will give play to the advantages of industry organizations, gather industry resources, organize a series of professional training on blockchain related policies, management techniques, and strengthen the promotion of blockchain technology. Fourth, to promote industry self-discipline, the Internet Association will cooperate with government departments to supervise the blockchain industry, promote blockchain platform operators to strengthen industry self-discipline, implement safety responsibilities, and unite all relevant parties of the blockchain industry chain, through industry self-discipline. The way to promote the healthy and orderly development of blockchain.