Wang Zhenyu, chief innovation officer of Wanxiang Holdings, Wuzhen site: Token economy is the groundwater layer of the blockchain

Babbitt's live report, on the morning of November 8, #2019 World Blockchain Conference·Wuzhen # officially opened at Wuzhen Internet International Convention and Exhibition Center. In the round-table dialogue of "Ling listening to the scene: Dafengkou, the great era, the new opportunity of the development of blockchain", Wan Yun, the chief innovation officer of Wanxiang Holdings, said that we are very optimistic about the Token economy. For example, if you are doing industrial application now, you can make an investment. Around the blockchain, everyone is drilling wells. How do you get water out of the well? There is a groundwater layer below. The current groundwater layer has to solve the problem of business model, otherwise it is proof of concept (PoC). So how do you get water in the ground? My opinion: The Token economy is the groundwater layer below. Token economy, there are now several opportunities: First, the country's clear support for the blockchain, second, the blockchain is at the forefront of many applications of financial technology, and third, the country is also creating a new economy, that is, a smart city. It is a place where industrial parks are relatively dense. I think these three factors can be united, which is why we are going to build a small but large-scale Token economy in the innovative city, to make this groundwater layer work in that place, and then welcome everyone to go to the well.

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