BM: B1 wallet is more like a pass manager, and the code has not been fully announced

On the morning of April 20th, BM appeared in the telegraph group to answer questions about the B1 wallet and share his thoughts on the ID. The following is a summary of the conversation: 1. The B1 wallet code has not yet been fully announced (the last UAL) is only part of it. 2. Our wallet is more like a pass manager, which signs the transaction after rendering the appropriate Ricardo, rather than any special app. 3. Ask the community "Do you have a way to add a bio ID to the EOS wallet?" BM replied: The bio ID refers to the face and touch ID, which are fuzzy indicators that the device uses to protect the private key. But they are only part of my solution. Social networks are also part of the identity. An identity ID is the sum of a person's relationship, including: relationship with the device, relationship with others, relationship with the government, and so on.