The contemporary East added 100 million debts overdue, and bought a blockchain shell company for 268,000 yuan.

On the evening of November 7, the contemporary Oriental disclosed abnormal fluctuations notice, claiming to change the company's losses in the first three quarters, recently added 100 million yuan of overdue debts, and was also listed as the executed person due to the 200 million yuan loan dispute case, Contemporary Oriental Holdings The shares of the company held by the shareholders have also been frozen.
The reporter found that although the contemporary Oriental said that it had spent 268,000 yuan to buy the Tianhong Ruizhi company's business involving blockchain, but the company has no real payment of capital information, no social security payment information. Investors believe that the contemporary Oriental "joining the blockchain with Xinhua News Agency" is actually responsible for the business operations of the relevant APP blockchain channel. In addition, a blockchain company that was held by Contemporary Oriental Holdings' contemporary group last year is currently in the process of cancellation.