Amazon.eth becomes the most expensive Ethereum short domain name, the winning price is 100 ETH

According to official sources, the Ethereum Domain Services (ENS) is conducting a 3 to 6 short . domain name auction on the digital collectibles platform OpenSea from September 1st to November 5th. A total of 7670 short domain names are being bid. More than 50,000 bids were awarded, and the total amount won was 5689.97 ETH. In addition to the winning bid amount, all ENS domain names are subject to an annual fee. The domain name with the highest bid price is amazon.eth, the winning price is 100 ETH, followed by wallet.eth, google.eth and apple.eth. Decentralized Autonomy (DAO) project Aragon announced the acquisition of the dao.eth domain name with 35 ETH.