Didn't wait for the Dfinity main online line, my proxy will run first.

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On November 2nd, Beijing time, with the valuation of 15 billion yuan on the Hurun global unicorn list of the public chain Dfinity, officially announced the release of its programming language Motoko and the software development kit Canister SDK Alpha version, and Official Twitter called the programming language Motoko quickly open source to the outside world. After the news was released, many people congratulated Dfinity and his team, but many people thought that this SDK release of Dfinity is only an Alpha version. It can only support one local node, and there is still a long way to go from the final target. At the same time, it has also led to some discussion about whether Dfinity really needs to use the Motoko language.

Code to Inspire co-founder and ConsenSys member John Lilić commented on Twitter on the same day for the Dfinity publishing programming language Motoko and the software development kit Canister SDK.

"There is still a long way to go before the test network is released. There is a longer way to go before the main online line. At present, only one local node can be started. Motoko new language feels like TypeScript (Odaily Planet Daily Note: TypeScript is one The free and open source programming language developed by Microsoft, the Dfinity team also acknowledges that the core issues are still very difficult."

Dfinity was co-founded in 2015 by Dominic Williams (Chairman and Chief Scientist) and Tom Ding (now Tom has become a team consultant and devoted himself to the study of “Eternal Life”), Tom Ding, Chinese name Ding Lei, 14 years old from Fudan The university computer obtained an undergraduate degree. Since childhood, it has been called the media called "child prodigy", and then worked in Internet companies such as Alibaba and eBay.

Four years have passed, Dfinity's main network has not yet been online, and it is because of repeated delays in launching time, no tokens, Dfinity has been ignored and criticized by the outside world, so it was dubbed as "the most ink project in history" .

However, the main network was not online, and the tokens could not be delivered. However, the Odaily Planet Daily reporter found that there were already some agents who claimed to be Dfinity.

The line has been postponed repeatedly, and the first vote is to "run" as a respect.

"Oh, DFN, when is it online?"

“2020 Q5,”

"I guess I have to get Q7,"

"You are all wrong, it is Q10086…"

"You are very patient, my proxy has been running!"

"I don't feel like I'm going to send coins anymore. I have to run my own way."

This is the daily conversation of the Dfinity WeChat community. Basically, every day, Dfinity will make some embarrassment and jokes about when the main online line and when the currency is issued. Recently, the reporter of the Odaily Planet Daily found that many people claim to be in the group. The agent can't be contacted, and it is very likely that I have already run.

He Youhong is one of the "lucky dogs".

“I was a Dfinity private placement that I participated in in April 2018. I was talking about the launch in the fourth quarter. I think that for half a year, I am still the kind of person who has less shots and finds a good project, so I am all in. This time all in led me to have no money to operate other projects for quite a long time."

I did not expect to go to the fourth quarter, said the first quarter, to the second quarter of the first quarter, the time came to September 2019, the results have not yet been online. He Youhong said:

"Dfinity didn't say that it would be online two years later. It was pushed to the next quarter in a quarter. One of the unexpected benefits of doing this is that I always feel that Dfinity is on the line."

According to the Dfinity development roadmap released on Twitter on July 15 this year, the public test network decided to go online in the fourth quarter of this year, I don't know if it will be postponed.

He Youhong said that the reason for optimistic about Dfinity was that the top investment institutions in the currency circle and the Top5% venture capital investment in Silicon Valley were cast, and there was also the personal aura of the prodigy Tom Ding.

“As an individual, the information about a project is identifiable, too low. A white paper, a website, some PR, too cheap. But a well-known investment institution is an indicator, especially when investing in a round of institutions and re-investment This signal is still very obvious."

Dfinity institutional investors include: a16z, Polychain Capital, SV Angel, Aspect Ventures, Village Global, Multicoin Capital, Scalar Capital, Fengyuan Ventures, KR1, etc., and there are many star investment institutions.

However, in July of this year, He Youhong found that he could not contact her agent. The phone did not pick up, WeChat pulled black, and the 100,000 yuan he invested was all ran. He Youhong reported the police at that time. After reporting the police, he found that all the identity information provided by the other party was false. He could not find this person. Now I can only admit that I am unlucky.

Substituting a scam: falsely claiming a share, forging a contract

“Dfinity's private placement time was in April 2018. Prior to this, many institutions and individuals claimed to have received Dfinity's quota, which was basically fake. Many Dfinity's agents voted early. The larger mine is Anhui Tiance. There is no Dfinity quota at all. It says that it has also faked the contract. It has been arrested recently." Li Dong told the Odaily Planet Daily.

Li Dong has been involved in the private placement of many projects for three years, and he has a certain understanding of the black-box operation of the current investment industry. Li Dong also voted for Dfinity, who was voted through the Dfinity official Chinese community. Li Dong's private placement price is $4.135, which is about 30 yuan. The price of ETH at that time was around 4,100 yuan. After going online, the privately-held Token is linearly unlocked in 12 months.

"There is also a veteran investment agency, playing more slippery, or saying that it has not been voted, or that the project side has not issued the currency, in fact, it has already been issued, they are taken after the big exchanges on the project, high prices Sell ​​it to get a big profit, then buy it back at a low price, and then, when it's sent, it will be reduced again."  

There are many scams on behalf of investors, and investors have already learned. Many investors told Odaily Planet Daily that they will basically not choose to invest in a project through investment. Because there are too many scammers, and even if they are not scammers, it is difficult to directly protect investors' rights. After all, the project itself will not openly support generation. cast.

However, there are quite a few private equity investors who can't wait to start the exit path outside the currency. Dfinity's currency Now US private equity firms have started trading shares, and DFN's off-market price is around $1.95~$2.

"I just voted for Dfinity because of Tom,

As a result, Tom Xiu Xian went."

There are many scams on behalf of investors, and investors can't blame the project, but the main online line has been postponed repeatedly, which is to make investors worry.

Dfinity is a public-chain project that has been designed since 2015. It was first established at the beginning of the project with Ethereum. Dfinity hopes to weaken the power of cloud service companies such as Amazon and Microsoft through innovation to achieve democratization of the network.

Compared to Ethereum, Dfinity is primarily optimized for performance and scalability. In terms of performance, Dfinity uses threshold relay technology to quickly generate blocks and greatly increase transaction throughput. In terms of scalability, Dfinity adopts a new architecture, which divides consensus, verification, and storage into different levels. The consensus layer does not have a transaction block, the storage layer is split into slices, and the verification layer combines all the fragments. Achieve capacity expansion as long as the miners are added.

Dfinity said on the official website that it is not a competitive relationship with Ethereum, but a sister relationship that is compatible with Ethereum. But the team also believes that there are still some differences with Ethereum. For example, in the concept of governance, Ethereum believes that “code is law”, but Dfinity believes that “AI is law” and introduces “blockchain neural system” for algorithm governance.

Since its inception, Dfinity's underlying technology has been supported and recognized by many geeks and blockchain enthusiasts. At present, the biggest problem with Dfinity is the problem of the main online line.

On July 15 this year, Dominic Williams unveiled a roadmap for Dfinity development on Twitter: The Dfinity Foundation was established in Switzerland in 2015, and by the end of 2019, the number of Dfinity employees will increase from the current 75 to 150. At the end of 2019, the first public test network will be launched. The final launch of the main network may take place in the first half of 2020.

The delay in the development of Dfinity has eroded the patience of investors, and more seriously, its proud creation team has begun to leave the team.

"I went to Dfinity because of Tom, and Tom went to Xiu Xian." Wu Qing took the DFN private placement of 6000 ETH through a proxy. He told the Odaily Planet Daily that he was completely in the Dinity of Tom Ding's personal aura. .

According to people familiar with the matter, Tom Ding has withdrawn from the team as early as 2018 and is no longer involved in any actual work.

According to many people familiar with the matter, Tom Ding is now focusing on the ultimate contradiction of human beings, "Life is not dead," and he is fascinated with brain science and biotechnology, dedicated to the persistence of consciousness after the death of the body, and co-founder of Tesla. Neuralink, a biotechnology company owned by Elon Musk, has similar research goals.

Postponing the line is also a kind of "gentle"

From 2014 to 2019, in five years, the public chain entered the blowout period from the exploration stage. After the excitement, the performance is not enough to support the ambition, and the problems of commercial application and value are difficult to reach, and the problem has not been effectively solved. The industry is multi-polarized and developed.

In addition to Dfinity, star projects such as the "king of the chain" Polkaadot, the decentralized storage protocol Filecoin, and the TON that has just been supervised and suppressed some time ago, even in 2018, are everywhere. The time of the EOS main online line was also postponed twice before it was successful.

It now appears that postponing the main online time seems to have become the standard for star projects.

However, repeated delays in the line may also be due to "caution." For example, when Gavin Wood was interviewed by Odaily Planet Daily, he said that he did not want to promise that he had to go online before the time, because he hoped that the main online line would be as perfect as possible.

In addition, Dfinity did not have a public offering. At that time, it was not a short-term fund with a high valuation. A good project would not raise money, and it would not be risky to raise funds for retail investors.

Dfinity also did not issue ERC20 tokens in advance, but sent Tokens when waiting for the main online line. Compared with those projects where the main network has not been online and issued a Token, the shareholding of the main online line may better protect the interests of investors (of course, the project may not have imagined the emergence of a proxy), and the development progress is slow. It's better than a variety of bugs after the main online line.

In the final analysis, the meaning of the main online line is not for the currency and the price of the currency, but to achieve the landing.

If you simply send it to the currency, even if it is mainly on the line, there is no good ecology and landing, and if it rises higher, there will be a day when it falls very badly.

Today, investors can only be more patient with the Uranus project and refuse to vote.

Note: In the text, there are Hong, Li Dong and Wu Qing as pseudonyms.

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