"Lingyue 2020" world's first blockchain inter-annual speech is about to start

On November 8th, at the World Blockchain Conference (Wuzhen), Babbitt editor and Lingxia blockchain promoter Tang Xialing officially announced that it will hold the world's first blockchain inter-annual speech in Hangzhou on December 27. "Ling listens to 2020". The event will invite three heavyweight guests to speak on the same stage, invite 200 “super listeners”, summarize 2019, and look forward to 2020 to jointly explore the future development of the blockchain. At present, the first batch of 50 "super listeners" have started global recruitment. (Follow the WeChat public number: Ling listening blockchain: ID: lingtingqkl) can apply.

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Tang Xia Ling is a senior media person for 8 years and has won the China News Award, the highest award in China's news category. She told reporters that in the past year or so, more than 3,000 manuscripts have been issued from her hands, and the future picture of the “ value Internet ” launched by the blockchain has made more and more people interested in the blockchain. .

But on the other side, because of the early days of the industry, it is full of uncertainties. There are also many problems in the media field; for example, technical terms can't be understood, academic language is too deep, and people in the circle talk about it, but outsiders are unclear. She hopes that through the New Year's speech, more people will understand the blockchain and let the blockchain culture grow from the minority to the public, thus promoting the healthy development of the industry.

"From the beginning, we thought about it. Ling listened to three things a year: writing 12 manuscripts, writing a book, and doing a New Year's speech," she said.

As the initiator of the first blockchain business observation column in the whole network, she has repeatedly interviewed the head figures and companies in the blockchain industry. The Lingtu blockchain has been on the line for 2 months, which has gained wide attention from outside the industry. Interview with Ma Zhitao, deputy governor of Weizhong Bank, to record the open source road of Weizhong; interview with Jiang Guofei, vice president of Ant Financial Service, to explore the three underlying methods of ant layout; also observed the Ethereum founder Vitalik and restored a real Vitalik .

“On the surface, we record cases, but behind it, we observe the curiosity, embarrassment and dreams of every company and every individual entering the blockchain,” Tang Xiuling said.

She also set three standards for Ling listening.

The first is penetration . From the ideological point of view, let users get one or two methods and ideas that can be migrated. Second is industrialization . In the vertical industry, there are teams that have accumulated explorations, and they should be seen by more people. I look forward to working with more friends to promote the era of industrial blockchain. Again, the compass . "I want to be a compass on your cognitive block link, letting you see the future ahead of others."

Ling listen to the 2020 New Year speech, how to do it? Tang Xialing further explained that the “Lingyue 2020” inter-annual speech lasted for three hours and was an uninterrupted theater-style, immersive speech. She will invite three speakers to share the understanding of the blockchain. They may be the ultimate technical coffee, promising industrialists and profound thinkers.

The event will recruit 200 super listeners worldwide. The “super listener” can independently think about the blockchain and recognize the long-term development value of the blockchain. It can also be a friend outside the circle and have a deep accumulation in a certain industry. And hope to use blockchain technology to increase productivity and change production relations.

All the encounters are long-lasting reunion. Today, the first batch of 50 "super listeners" of Lingyue's 2020 New Year speech officially launched global recruitment. December 27, Hangzhou. I look forward to meeting you at the scene of Ling 2020. Search the WeChat public number: Ling listening blockchain (ID: lingtingqkl), you can participate in the registration.