Data shows: Maker locks the value to catch up with EOSREX, regaining the leading position in the DeFi market

According to DeFi special page data, as of now, among the 33 DeFi projects that have been counted, the value of Maker locks is 342 million US dollars, and the value of EOSREX locks is 340 million US dollars. After half a year, the value of Maker locks Overtake EOSREX to regain the leading position in the DeFi market. The main reason for DAppTotal data analyst analysis is that in the last week: 1. Due to the low interest rate of Maker borrowing at 5.5%, the demand for DAI lending increased, and the number of ETH mortgages increased by 120,000; 2. The impact of EIDOS airdrops continued to be hot. EOSREX's EOS demand for coins has increased significantly (used to lease CPUs). The number of EOS locks has decreased by 5.36 million.