FTC Commissioner: Libra should be enough to be the driving force for the Fed to launch a real-time payment system

A senior US government official wrote on Thursday that the Libra cryptocurrency project should be enough to power the Fed to launch a real-time payment system. US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) member Rohit Chopra wrote a letter to the Fed to support the potential development of the "FedNow Service," which is currently studying potential high-speed payment systems.
Chopra criticized Facebook's Libra project. “The ambiguous details of the shadow global central bank proposed by the technology platform have sounded the international alarm, especially considering Facebook’s continued scandal and reputation for abuse of authority.” He said that the Libra project’s set of risks will take time to sort out. And solved. I agree with the serious concerns raised by (Federal) Chairman Jerome Powell and Governor Lael Brainard. "However, he believes it is more important for the public sector to address the current payment system," regardless of Libra's final fate, the emergence of the proposal highlights the need for real-time payments and the urgency of Fed intervention. ”