Ant Node Alliance Zeng Hao: Shining Maltese Chinese Star Entrepreneur, Winning European Applause with Blockchain

On November 6th, the European encryption tour organized by the ZBX trading platform of the China National Capital Group came to Malta in the last stop. Zeng Hao, founder of Ant Node Alliance, was invited to participate in the meetup held by ZBX. He was warmly welcomed by the European encryption industry. He said: China will usher in the acceleration of the development of the blockchain industry and the landing of the project.

Shining star of the block island of Malta

On the same day, the Minister of Finance of Malta, Silvio Schembri, personally attended the meeting. Malta is a world-famous “blockchain island”, the third stop of Aurora's top encryption journey in Europe. The event is supported by the double-stranded DNA and ant node alliance strategy, and Mars Finance and Chain are supported by special media.


Right second: Donald Node Alliance founder Zeng Hao, right three: Malta Finance Minister Silvio Schembri Left 1: Ant Node Alliance co-founder Zhang Jingwei, right one: Ant Node Alliance co-founder Yang Zhiwen

Dozens of European politicians and experts in the blockchain field have participated in this event. Zeng Hao, founder of the Ant Node Alliance, was invited to meet face-to-face with senior European government officials and financial dignitaries. Zeng Hao said that he hopes to actively promote industry cooperation between China and Europe, lead China's blockchain industry to the international market, and become a leader in the global blockchain industry. The Minister of Finance of Malta and the Director of the Digital Innovation Authority of Malta visited the site and shared it.

At the scene, Malta's finance minister, director and representatives of well-known local blockchain companies were infected by Mr. Zeng Hao's passionate mood. Driven by the lively atmosphere of the scene, Mr. Zeng Hao also impromptuly sang a song in the Minnan language "Love will fight to win" when he shared on the stage.


Mr. Zeng Hao said that this is the spirit of the blockchain. Crossing national borders and transcending races, every fan of the belief in blockchain technology will appreciate the charm of this technology and feel the powerful strength and high confidence from China's booming development. Comprehensive strength. As a new young entrepreneur in China, Mr. Zeng Hao is also a pioneer in the blockchain industry in China and invites them to exchange in China. The Director of Digital Innovation Management of Malta responded immediately and decided to send representatives to China for exchange next year.

Promote the development of China's blockchain industry

The Ant Node Alliance is one of the largest blockchain community organizations in China. It has formed more than 30,000 WeChat communities and has hosted more than 100 blockchain industry conferences. It will continue to provide industry participants with community operations in the future. , industry conferences, project consulting and other comprehensive services.

Zeng Hao emphasized that the emergence of blockchain technology is like the Internet revolution 20 years ago. Whether it is the concept of decentralization or the application of smart contracts and distributed ledger technology (DLT), new business models will be reconstructed; The purpose of the Ant Node Alliance is to help the blockchain industry break through the constraints of community consensus, talent cultivation and commercial use.


He confidently introduced to European colleagues that China has a complete Internet information communication technology in the middle and lower reaches of the industrial chain, and the hardware and software strength is also obvious to the world. In the new era of 5G, blockchain and artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, etc. The collaboration of high-tech technology will effectively drive innovation and structural optimization, and promote high-quality and high-speed economic development.

The application of China's blockchain industry in various fields continues to flourish. The financial industry in 2019 is still the main battlefield for blockchain applications. With the application of blockchain and the gradual improvement of financial regulations, the industry map continues to other fields. The opening of the branch, also represents a new era of industry led by the blockchain, perhaps coming soon.

Willing to be a friendly messenger of the Central European blockchain

Zeng Hao expects the Ant Node Alliance to lead more international blockchain industry projects to connect with Chinese government and enterprise units, and continue to promote the application of blockchain industry, becoming an important promoter of China's digital technology upgrade and transformation kinetic energy. At the same time, we actively responded to the call and strived to become the most determined evangelist and practitioner in the blockchain of the Chinese dream zone.


Zeng Haoxi’s Ant Node Alliance can help Europe to connect with China. The formation of the Ant Node Alliance is unique in promoting the universality of blockchain and the promotion of national industrial prospects through innovation and technology. As a platform organization that assists government agencies and helps European and Chinese blockchain operators to communicate horizontally, Ant Alliance will continue to expand the depth and breadth of cooperation.

In 2019, blockchain projects such as finance, government affairs, medical care, and product traceability have been applied. Compared with the European and American regions that are still under review, China's government regulations and policies are implemented rapidly. The ability to obtain support from domestic projects and international agencies, and through appropriate dialogue with the government, is one of the main factors in the ant node alliance at the forefront of the industry.


Zeng Hao said that with the increasing emphasis on the two concepts of blockchain and community consensus, the ant node alliance has been widely recognized at home and abroad, and the ant node alliance will continue to become a more influential zone. Blockchain enterprises are advancing to help more Chinese companies link to different national governments and jointly improve industry regulatory responsibilities.

“Is it a pleasure to have friends coming from afar?” Mr. Zeng Hao ended the harvest of the Malta Summit with a famous saying full of ancient Eastern wisdom, and also won a group of close friends and collaborators of the Ant Node Alliance. The pace of China's blockchain industry is not limited, and the achievements of the Ant Node Alliance will be even higher. Mr. Zeng Hao’s blockchain will be in the heart of the country and will infect more elites!