Wuzhen site is more than the original chain James: MOV test network released on November 22

Babbitt's live report, November 8th, #2019 World Blockchain Conference·Wuzhen # officially opened at Wuzhen Internet International Convention and Exhibition Center. In the "Keep MOVing" special event than the original chain, it is shared by the original chain CTO James that the demand for redemption resources can be sent to the chain through the smart contract than the original chain MOV agreement, the super node is packaged, and the transaction is decentralized. The super node, the TPS of the MOV match transaction is 16.5k/sec, which reaches the limit of the Internet TPS, and will be upgraded by sharding. James said that MOV's test network will be released on November 22nd. On December 2nd, OFMF (Open Gateway) will support BTC, December 9th will support ETH, and in the first quarter of 2020, MOV will be the main online line. Because ecological partners are to develop on MOV.