Wuzhen scene | Wang Wei: Blockchain brings dynamic problems, can not blindly create more blockchain

Babbitt reported that on the afternoon of the 8th, GeekHub and BTCU conducted a theme event called "New Industry Power, Blockchain Sound from Colleges and Universities" in the Tongji Hall, 2nd Floor, Main Hall of Wuzhen Conference. Dr. Wang Wei, Ph.D. in computer science at the University of Leuven, Belgium, and Dr. Wang Wei from the Federal Institute of Science and Technology in Zurich, gave a speech entitled "Social Choice and Blockchain." In his speech, he said that the blockchain has caused a lot of interdisciplinary research in the academic world. This is the Social Choice from political science and economics. Take online matching as an example. The (activity) inside the blockchain is dynamic. It is a dynamic problem. You don't know what the future is, so we can't blindly build a blockchain. If those two people don't want you. Just going to match is not enough.